Night Ranger Chapter 63 of 1xBet Twins【Seventh Online Casino update! 】

Text ps: Read the exclusive story behind “”, listen to your more suggestions on the novel, pay attention to the official account of the starting point (add friends on WeChat, add the official account bet game and enter qdread), and tell me quietly! “How did chelsa do it!?” Under the Tower of Thunder, the man who claimed to be the sixth heir of the Unicorn family looked at the scene in the magic mirror in shock. Because he was too shocked, he didn’t even notice that the girl beside him let out a long breath. “This guy is so bad, he actually used this method to kill the shield guard.” “Sure enough, there are a lot of bad intentions.” Kate thought secretly. She completely ignored the man named Rohard next to her. “The shield defenders are so easily destroyed? How did Pragmatic Play remove the armor of the shield defenders? Betting” Rohard was puzzled. He frowned, watching Marvin take the key from the shield Endorphina guardian, feeling very upset. But he subconsciously looked at Kate, and a smile appeared on his face again. In front of the lady you like, you should at least appear calm. At that moment, he coughed and said to Kate: “It’s nothing. The dead soldiers trained by our family have skills no less than his.” Kate nodded slightly. But in her heart, for some reason, she no longer has any good feelings for Rohard and the unicorn family behind him. Rohard didn’t know it, and continued to say: “This shield guard is not one of us. Otherwise, that Marvin would have died long ago.” “Miss Kate, look. The live betting one is the elite of our family Killer. Ha, he and the woman

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