Proud World Evolution Game Pill God Chapter 2098 Xindi champions league heart

Searching for novels: Thinking that life would be bred in the center of the earth, Chen Xiang immediately thought of it. He looked at this passage, and felt relieved. This passage is very narrow, and a big person like a primordial fire beast can’t get in at all. “Although the Nine Heavens World has devoured the realm of gods and gods, the core of the earth is still so small. It has not become bigger, but the energy has become stronger.” Chen Xiang walked forward holding the Fire Dragon Sword. Under the protection of the Fire Dragon Sword, He didn’t sense the heat, but he knew that without the Fire Dragon Sword, he couldn’t continue now. “I can’t continue anymore, this is the limit!” Chen Xiang looked at the red light in front of him, the poker passage was still very long, but under the protection of the magical power emanating from the Fire Dragon Sword, he could still sense the scorching man city here. Heat, if you continue to walk, the Fire Dragon Sword may not be able to resist it. Chen Xiang took out the knife and stabbed a few times on the cave wall, making a series of “dang dang dang” sounds, but the cave wall only had a few scratches. “What’s going on?” Chen Xiang swung the sword with his left hand just now, his left arm has two pairs, he also used a lot of strength just now, but he couldn’t hurt the stone wall. Chen Xiang looked at the red particles of champions league floating in the cave, and suddenly understood that the stone wall here has been in this kind of environment for many years, absorbing so much powerful force, and tempered by strong air pressure. Very forebet sturdy! Otherwise, BGaming simply cannot bear the terrifying 22Bet energy in the center of the earth. “It seems that the center of the earth is very strong and difficult to be destroyed.” Chen Xiang put away the Azure Dragon Saber, and with the power of six paths, rumble’s veins on his left arm burst violently. His fist hit the stone wall. explode, burst out

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