World-Proud Betting Pill God Chapter 2068 Space Secrets

Futianmen’s treacherous schemes were already obvious, but Chen Xiang and the others felt that apart from this, Futianmen must have other purposes. “The news that Futianmen has a relationship with the evil insects is definitely not something they went to inquire about.” Gu affiliate Dongchen said: “Now we know that Futianmen has bad intentions, and they want to form an alliance with us on the surface , but secretly poker wants to harm Baihua Village.” Demon Killing God snorted coldly: “Don’t think about it, they must have an alliance with Hell Gate, they told us such news just to win our trust, and then waited almost , Let’s do the trick again, let our Nine Heavens Gate and Demon Killing God City be wiped out, and then they can deal with Baihua Village.” The God of Punishment said: “It’s a good plan! If you just kill a few guys here, wouldn’t it be It’s too cheap for them to bet?” Fu Tiangao still doesn’t know that he has angered the old foxes here, and it’s not as simple as his own death to anger this group of old foxes! Gu Dongchen said: “It’s up to the plan, didn’t they say they would send a group of elite disciples? I didn’t believe him before, but now I do.” Lu Qilian said coldly: “These elite disciples should have already We have reached the bottleneck, so we came here to find training resources to bet the game!” Futianmen’s so-called training resources are to use their sorcery to gain strength by collecting yang and nourishing yin. “I support Sect Master Gu’s tricks, let Baccarat and the others send the so-called elite disciples here, and then we will kill them! The premise is that we have to ensure that the people they send over will not cause harm to this place, otherwise this will be a little bit Dangerous.” Long Hui

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