Ao Shi betting Pill God Chapter 2053 Bad Guy

Back Page Category: Author: Book Title: There was an earth-shattering roar from the Nine Heavens Demon Palace, cracks appeared on the wall outside the Demon Palace, and the entire desert trembled violently with the Nine Heavens Demon Palace. Black air kept gushing out from the demon hall, and the roaring two-headed dragon began to gradually disintegrate, and bursts of black air emerged from its body. As the black air continued to overflow, the figure of the two-headed dragon gradually faded. The demon hall began to collapse, making a “rumbling” sound, and black and blood-red mist overflowed into the sky, sparking bloody lightning. In the demon palace that was gradually collapsing in Forebet, beams of light suddenly shot out, and one could tell that they were the powerhouses of the kingdom of God hidden in the demon palace. “Do it!” The Great God King roared, and the group of gray-robed men behind him disappeared. Chen Xiang was slightly startled, he saw hundreds of gray figures appearing in the sky above the demon hall, those powerhouses from the Kingdom of God who had just come out of the demon hall, were attacked by these hundreds of gray-robed men in just an instant Blast into fly ash. “There is still Betway, the next one is stronger!” the Great God King shouted. Sure enough, a burst of Spinmatic golden light suddenly flashed in the demon hall, and a man in a golden robe appeared. With a sweep of the long sword in his hand, he released a burst of sword aura formed by countless golden sword shadows. This sword aura was like a raging beast. It rushed out from the ground with teeth and claws, shaking off those memory people who wanted to surround them. “Ninth Prince!” The man in the golden robe was shocked. He didn’t expect the Great God King to come out and hide so much power. The Great God King drank in the distance, and a huge five-clawed golden dragon flashed out of the air, with its mouth wide open, it turned into lightning and rushed towards the man in the golden robe. A dragon roar

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