Chapter 2008 Yang Tianyi

From this tone, the silent thief heard from real madrid that the person who spoke should know the ancestor emperor very well, Chen Xiang secretly rejoiced in his heart, so his hope of going out would be greater. “Who is it?” Wu Cang shouted: “Who the hell are you? Isn’t this Xingyue Hell used for Emperor Guan Zu? Why are there other prisoners?” Chen Xiang had already heard footsteps, and he immediately turned his head to look Towards a Pragmatic play, there is a faint white mist over there, and someone is running fast from there. “Very quickly.” Chen Xiang was horrified. In just a few moments, that person ran over from such a far place. You must know that you can only use physical strength here, and this speed is already close to teleportation. This is a middle-aged man with very long and messy hair. He has thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a beard on his face. He is very tall. He is wearing gray clothes and has a handful of stones around his waist. The sword is very rough. “You… who are you.” Wu Cang was frightened by the baccarat, Chen Xiang’s physical strength could tyranny him, and this middle-aged man looked even more terrifying. “I’m the first guest here. I’m very glad that you guys from BGaming are here. I welcome you very much.” The middle-aged man burst out laughing. Chen Xiang cursed secretly in his heart, he was not happy to come here. “Who are you?” Wu Cang asked. “This Xingyue Hell was prepared for me. After I was imprisoned here, I was sealed in a huge star, and then it seemed to fall in other places, but I have nothing to do here. As for The ancestor emperor you mentioned should be the little partner that Star Law God Realm arranged for me, but unfortunately he didn’t come in, but there are two more of them.” Middle-aged

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