Alchemy God Livescore Chapter 1993 The Mystery of Nairabet Xingyue

The thing about the reincarnation festival must be very top secret, so Yue’er himself doesn’t know, there must be other secrets in it, Chen Xiang feels that since he knows Yue’er now and is still a very good friend, he must not rumble Let Yue’er become a sacrifice again. Baihu said: “I have a little understanding, this is because when the Emperor of Beasts told us about the origin of the beasts, I asked about the Xingyue Baihu, and he told us some secrets about the roulette clan of the Xingyue God. At that time, only our four gods and beasts Present.” Yue’er flew to Suzaku, Suzaku hugged her in his arms, caressed the back of her head, and she, who was always aggressive, showed a very gentle smile at this time, hugging Yue’er very lovingly, But she couldn’t help but sigh. The white tiger continued: “Even many Xingyue gods and beasts don’t know about this matter, only the elders of the Xingyue gods should know about it. Now there should be four elders of the Xingyue gods, plus the patriarch, there are five. They You can get a great improvement from the reincarnation offering.” Yue’er nodded and said: BGaming “Many powerful star and moon beasts have always wanted Endorphina to undergo elder trials and obtain elder qualifications, but Spinmatic was blocked. I learned from some old The Xingyue Beast learned from the mouth of our Xingyue God Clan that there should be nine elders and one patriarch, but since Xing Leap Moon God Emperor died, it has become five, and there was a Xingyue Beast King before.” Suzaku said: ” Because after making you a sacrifice, the less proficient they are, the greater the improvement they will get, so they will prevent other star and moon beasts from taking the elder trial, because once they pass the elder poker trial, they will also know about the reincarnation sacrifice. Secret.” Yue’er said angrily

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