Aoshi Dan God baccarat Chapter 1978 Spinmatic turned out to be the master of the temple

Luo Tianjun sighed: “It’s no wonder that this kind of casino slot flower appears in the magic medicine treasure land. This guy planted it. He is still the same, and always likes to plant this kind of thing.” Chen Xiang was stunned, Xiao Changle really loved flowers. , This kind of terrible dead Xuanxie flower was actually planted by him. Luo Tianjun looked at Feng Yujie: “Girl, do you know this guy too?” Feng Yujie nodded, “I was young… I knew him better when I was young, and I never thought he would be here.” That is to say, King Nine Gods What happened at that time, the Nine God King was very prestigious at that time, and Xiao Changle could know Feng Yujie, which shows that Xiao Changle had a good Msports status at that time. “Hall Master, he said that he belongs to the Mozzartbet Temple of the Six Paths, what is his status in the Temple of the Six Paths?” Chen Xiang asked, this Xiao Changle knew some of his secrets, and now he wanted to clarify Xiao Changle’s identity. “He is the master of the Temple of the Six Paths. Although this guy belongs to the Temple of the Six Paths, he is also a master of alchemy. Strictly speaking, he is my uncle for sports betting. Not many people know his status in the Temple of the Six Paths. Only the elders and hall masters of our supreme temple know.” Luo Tianjun’s words surprised Chen Xiang and BGaming Yue’er, they didn’t expect Xiao Changle to be the master of the Six Paths Temple. Feng Yujie frowned and said, “He used to be from Kamikaze Valley, why did he go to the Temple of the Six Paths now?” Luo Tianjun said: “He controls the law of wind, and later because of the joint effort of Kamikaze Valley and Ziyan Shenshan, he made some harm to the disciples of both sides. At that time, some outstanding disciples of Kamikaze Valley and Ziyan Shenshan left. He was Rumble who entered the Temple of Six Paths at that time, and Endorphina later disappeared.

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