Alchemy God of Aoshi Dan Chapter 19real madridNetEnt34 The first alchemy of alchemy

The text version of the mobile version article query: hot keywords: author: category: After Feng Yujie heard it, she was worried. She had already learned from Chen Xiang that the pair of grandparents and grandchildren were going to Shenxuan Tianchi. Chen Xiang will be in danger if he asks the affiliate to come up with something. When she came to the Supreme Hall and heard about this, Feng Yujie didn’t continue to modify her notice, and immediately went back to find Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang hadn’t started alchemy yet, but looked at the spiritual blood inside the medicinal materials with his original spirit eyes, but he heard someone approaching, sensing Feng Yujie’s aura, he immediately stood up, walked over to open the door. “Little Forebet, those responsible for the investigation have already found some clues. They are going to find the old woman and the little girl. This is the only clue they have now.” Feng Yujie said: “I heard it in the Great Hall. “Paripesa” Chen Xiang is not worried about himself now, but worried about the grandparents, Endorphina, he doesn’t know where the grandparents went, otherwise he will definitely chase after them immediately. Seeing that Chen Xiang was worried, Feng Yujie said: “We waited patiently. Auspicious people have their own destiny, and they will be fine.” Chen Xiang nodded. “Alchemy well, when we have accumulated a certain amount of strength, we’ll go to that Shenxuan Tianchi to have a look.” Feng Yujie comforted Chen Xiang. After Feng Yujie left the roulette, it took Chen Xiang half an hour to calm down. “Yuxin Shendan needs three low-grade magic medicines. This is a low-grade magic pill that uses less magic medicine. No wonder it is not very popular. After all, the effect is not strong. If you add BetWinner and blindly lower-grade magic medicine, it can strengthen the betting of Yuxin Shendan. If it has the live betting function, it will definitely be very popular.” Chen Xiang was looking through the diary

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