Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1 Evolution game 91rumble Chapter 9 Shenyuan Stone

Boss Gu told Chen Xiang not to eat it yet, wait for his two younger brothers to refine it, and eat three pills together, so that the effect can be distinguished. Chen Xiang felt refreshed in his heart, he had just joined this Supreme Tenth Pill Hall, and received such good treatment, Liverpool was going to eat three pills. After betting the game for more than two hours, Gu Laoer and Gu Laosan both successfully refined a soul-transforming pill. The quality is the same as that of Gu Boss, both of which are high-quality, but their speed is slower than Gu Boss. a lot. Boss Gu was very proud: “It seems that the quality is the same, but as long as mine is a little better than yours, it will be reflected in this kid, and you just wait to admit defeat.” Gu Lao Er and Gu Lao San They didn’t take it seriously, they thought that Gu Boss must be faster than them in terms of quality. “Chen Xiang, eat it quickly and let Gu Boss be convinced.” Gu Lao Er said to Chen Xiang. Now Chen Xiang actually used the original soul eye baccarat to look at the three pills. He was surprised to see a fierce and huge gray wolf, as well as a blue giant eagle and a mountain-like flashscore giant black bear. There are several spiritual bloodlines of the magic medicine. If it was before, Chen Xiang would definitely think that the quality of the three pills was not good, otherwise he would not be able to clearly see so many things with the original spirit eyes, but he can be sure that the quality of the three pills is the same as that of the three pills. Excellent, he was absolutely unable to see those things with his original soul eye before, but now he can see it because his original soul eye has been upgraded. After he became a god, using the techniques in the Heavenly Alchemy Technique would also improve greatly. Chen Xiang was also very happy at this time, he felt that he could almost refine this transformation

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