Dark Parimatch Night Ranger Thirty Leap Chapter Six Specialties and Skills

Get two specialties at once! This was something Marvin didn’t expect. Specialties are even more valuable than skills. Most of the specialties are passive, and they are very practical. But speaking of it, this time the battle, Marvin did fight very fiercely. Many times between life and death, if it weren’t for the unexpected spell of alienation vines, it would probably fall! It was also between life and death that his potential was stimulated, so that he could obtain two specialties at once. The first is patience. Endurance: After you are injured, make a will check every ten minutes, if the check passes, ignore the pain. This is a very powerful feat! “No wonder Nairabet blamed my movements for not being affected by pain at that time.” Marvin suddenly realized la liga. In his mind, he recalled the situation when he was shot by an arrow. At that time, he only felt that his physical strength was passing away, his sense of balance was declining, and the painful feeling disappeared quickly. It turned out that this specialty was working. If the check is passed, he can ignore the effects of pain. Undoubtedly, this specialty has the same effect as Anna’s tenacity, and they are both specialties that melee professionals dream of. Generally speaking, pain has a great influence on living things. Especially when fighting. Pain will affect every technical action, and once there is a deviation in the action, the result of the battle may be very different! Patience is a very good feat, and it usually appears on fighters who are often attacked by knives. It is a bit of luck that Marvin can get this roulette in Pragmatic Play. The second specialty is Burst. BGaming Explosion: The toughness of your soul does not match your fragile body

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