Alchemy God Chapter 1814 Casino Slot Ice Man City Exterminates Villains

We at BetWinner have been working hard to improve the bet game Online Casino user experience and speed up updates! If you think we stand right, for your friends to read for your convenience, please, Wang Jinshi flew out of the stone forest with Chen Xiang, just after they left the stone forest, they sensed a stench coming from their nostrils, followed by a low growl in their ears . “Senior Sister, when you entered this kind of God of War proving ground before, what kind of terrible things would you usually encounter?” Chen Xiang smelled the stench, and had a bad premonition, this Endorphina was the proving ground of the God of War, four ranks. Even a mysterious god like Wang Jinshi had to deal with it cautiously. “The ones who are more powerful in the casino Slot test field are usually the kind of demons who have been imprisoned here!” Wang Jinshi said flashscore: “Most of them are brought in by the punishment gods.” “These demons… are all mysterious. God?” Chen Xiang felt that he still underestimated this kind of training ground for God of War. Wang Jinshi nodded and said: “It’s Xuanshen, they are all guys who made mistakes, and they were going to go to hell, but because they honestly admitted their mistakes, Paripesa Betking locked them up in this kind of place… Actually it’s because of these things. The guy handed over a lot of magic money, and his strength is good, so he threw them in.” “Throwing them in here is to test you?” Chen Xiang thinks that this method is not good, and those who come in for the trial will die with their livescore. In the hands of the villains, wouldn’t it be an unjust death? “The God of War trials are all Profound Gods with good strength. Generally, they won’t die when they come in. Although some unlucky ones die here, it’s a rare thing, unless they enter a trial field beyond their limits. For example, you are now.” Wang Jinshi saw that Chen Xiang’s face was a little ugly, so she smiled and said: “Scare you

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