Aoshidan Liverpool God Chapter 1BetWinner799 Competition Content

According to legend, there were ten disciples in the first batch of Demon Slayer God, but now only ten have come. As for whether there are others, only the Demon Slayer God may know. “You are old senior brothers.” Ren Tianyong stood up immediately, and man city hurriedly saluted these old seniors. “Ren Tianyong, you have actually met me many times, but you didn’t recognize me when I came to Betking.” A short-haired man smiled slightly. BetWinner’s smile was a little stiff. It seemed that he himself didn’t like to smile, and he also It gives people a very strange feeling. First of all, he has no breath on him, giving people a very blurred feeling. Demon Killing God said: “These two are my sons, the one with short hair is the eldest son, and the baccarat with long hair is the second son, let me introduce myself.” After the four first batch of disciples briefly introduced themselves, , Chen Xiang and the others only knew their names, they still didn’t know anything about them. The eldest son of Demon Killing God is named Zu Chao, and the second son is named Zu Ming. Their wives are also apprentices of Demon Killing God. They grew up together. It seems that Paripesa also has a bit of history, otherwise it would not be the first batch of Demon Killing God Disciple, Zu Chao’s wife is petite, with a sweet smile on her face, and a very sweet voice. Her name is Yao Shuang. When she introduced herself, she said that she was a junior sister. Zu Ming’s wife said that she is the third child, named Liang Yunling, with a beautiful appearance and a very gentle feeling, but some la liga don’t like talking about poker, and she talks the least. Now Ren Tianyong and the others can confirm that Slot Games, the first batch of disciples of Demon Slaying God is only four, and they are the two couples in front of them. “The purpose of holding the competition is not to let your lovers fight, but to make progress

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