World-Proud Pill God Chapter 17 Betking 69 Leap Dragon Vein Opening Spirit

Mobile version champions league pure text version article search: Hot keywords: Author: Category: “Dragon veins are cultivated by the center of the earth, and they can be regarded as unique Endorphina and powerful existences in the Nine Heavens World. They should have benefited the Nine Heavens World, but Now being coveted by those Betking temples, if they are captured by those powerful forces and control the dragon veins, the rest of the Nine Heavens World will not benefit from it.” Chen Xiang hovered in front of the dragon head, while patiently waiting for the next change of the dragon veins, while thinking about the dragon veins Nairabet formed. He believes that the reason why the dragon veins keep appearing is definitely not a coincidence. It must have been arranged by the Nine Gods back then. . Back then, Qi Shi also obtained a dragon vein, but it was destroyed later, and now a more powerful one has been bred. Besides, there is another dragon vein occupied by Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie knew that there was a Betway Dragon Vein Evolution game in that place, apparently from Nine God King. “What will happen to this dragon vein next? According to my intuition, I should be able to fuse this dragon vein.” Chen Xiang thought so. The energy contained in this dragon vein is very powerful, and he feels that he may not be able to eat it. So he thought about it, and felt a little impossible. Just when Chen Xiang was thinking about the dragon veins, he suddenly heard the sound of a bet game in Shenhai. “Of course your current strength can’t integrate with me. Even a god may not be able to subdue me.” The voice was a little immature, like a young boy’s voice. Hearing these words, Chen Xiang was shocked, but he understood when he thought about it. This must be the voice of the dragon vein. The dragon veins are open

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