Aoshidan Leap God Chapter 1739 22Bet Great Harvest

Search for novels: Volume 2 Chen Xiang was tortured by the Devil Emperor of Hell, he very much hoped that the Devil Emperor of Hell could stop chasing and killing him! Of course, even after Roulette passes this time, the Hell Demon Emperor still won’t let him go, and he has nothing to be afraid of rumble, because he will soon cultivate the Emperor Soul, and by then his strength will be stronger, and he will be stronger in the Nine Heavens World , as long as he is not a god, nothing can be done to him. What’s more, Liu Meng’er and the others will also refine that ship in the future, which can get rid of the tracking spell of the Devil Emperor of Hell. Chen Xiang waited for five days, and the blue thick clouds and dense lightning covering the sky finally dispersed! The battle between Qinglong and God of War is over, but it is not known who will win. “Qinglong’s wind and thunder field covers the entire calamity star of la liga, if he wins against Leap, he will definitely come to me.” Chen Xiang didn’t dare to go to that battlefield, worried that other accidents would happen. Not long after Qingyun dispersed, Chen Xiang suddenly heard Qinglong’s voice transmission: “Come here soon, do you think I’m defeated?” Qinglong’s hearty laughter came from beside his ears, Chen Xiang was ecstatic in his heart, and hurriedly released the Qinglong cloak, Fly in the direction where Qinglong is. The place where Qinglong landed before was surrounded by barren hills. At this time, it has become flat land, and there are still many places with huge bottomless sinkholes. On the battlefield after the war, there is still a strong and powerful atmosphere left! The clothes on Qinglong’s body were already tattered, but he looked very energetic, his face was ruddy and excited. “It’s amazing, you didn’t turn into your body, you were able to defeat them?” Chen Xiang saw two strong men in tattered thick armor lying at Qinglong’s feet, they must be the two God of War Betting. “They are a bit

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