Night Ranger II Endorphina Ten Betway Chapter Two Arbitration

Text Betking is not Marvin hypocrisy. He really felt that killing this kind of woman would make his own knife dirty! He kept saying that he loved Pooh, and then cast a Betway curse on him. It was already very self-restraining for Marvin not to refrain from torturing and killing her. Hensel shook his head, showing a look of pity: “Perhaps I should violate the regulations of the parliament once and forebet to turn her into a specimen in my laboratory.” Khan… Marvin thought he was ruthless enough. Unexpectedly, this mentor was even more cruel. But having said that, this Lord Hensel seems to like Pooh very much. It’s no wonder he didn’t get angry when his disciple suffered such a serious injury. Wizards have always been lawless, except for the Southern Wizards Union, Leap will never bow to any force. Hansel is probably holding back his anger these days. So when Marvin tried to kill Lulu, he didn’t stop him at all, but encouraged him instead. After all, there is no problem with the name Marvin used. Magor College pardoned Lulu, but the victim, Pooh, was from the White River Valley, and Marvin also had the right to dispose of Lulu—but the priority of this power was given up after Magor College After disposing of power, he naturally has reason to exercise his power of livescore. That’s the beauty of order. As an aristocrat, even a minor aristocrat, Marvin is also a vested interest. And the coming catastrophe will destroy all order. Of course Marvin was also a victim. He has no way to stop the whole catastrophe, he can only protect the people around him. “Pooh’s curse?” Marvin asked. “I’ll take care of everything.” Henzer

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