Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1680 Sportybet reunite after death 1xBet

The three champions league that Long Xueyi said were Baihu, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, they flew quickly in the huge forest, avoiding some huge branches and leaves, and they were flying towards Chen Xiang’s direction. Parimatch “Run, these three guys have attracted the group of monkeys to you.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang originally wanted to escape through the space, but Bai Hu and the others must have come here to help him, so he was embarrassed and ran away. “Chen Xiang, quickly use your space power to take my affiliates away, these purple monkeys are too difficult to deal with.” Bai Hu sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang from a long distance away. Chen Xiang took a slight breath and circulated the space power. At this moment, he had already seen the three of Bai Hu and the others. He released the space power and enveloped them. Bai Hu and the others sensed that it was the space power released by Chen Xiang, they did not resist, but relaxed, and then they saw Betway in front of their eyes, and carried out a space transfer, and came to a tree hole on the top of a giant tree. Qi Shi saw Chen Xiang, laughed, and patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder: “It’s good to master the law of space, you can really run, the hell devil army of the hell devil emperor can’t do anything against you.” Qi Shi just finished speaking , Long Xueyi flashed out from the Youyao ring, and Paripesa glared at Qi Shi viciously, and said angrily: “Return my godhead soon.” Qi Shi was very calm, because he had expected Long Xueyi He would have such a reaction, he smiled and said: “1xBet definitely doesn’t have a godhead, but there is one life, you can take it if you want it.” “Long Xueyi roulette Sportybet grabbed Qi Shi by the collar and was furious. She didn’t have this kind of reaction when she mentioned this matter to Chen Xiang before.

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