Pragmatic play Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1650 Cursing the Betting Curse

The power of the sanctuary is very wide. Chen Xiang didn’t expect that there was a Spinmatic behemoth hidden in the casino slot that could rival the Supreme Holy Sect. And this was just the West Sea of ​​Jiuling Tianhai. There were three other sea regions, even if there was no West Sea. The Shentao Sect is strong, so it must be going somewhere. “If the Devil Emperor of Hell controls the powerful roulette in this sanctuary, if he launches a big war to attack the Nine Heavens World, it will definitely be a hard battle.” Long Xueyi sighed: “Msports hopes that the Nine Heavens World will become stronger soon , these years, the world of Nine Heavens has not been able to develop much, but these Endless Heavens have developed so fast.” Chen Xiang said: “Ditian’s Holy Spirit Qi is increasing every day, and it won’t take long for the Evolution game to surpass these Endless Heavens. Tianyu will definitely be able to cultivate many strong people, but it will take some time.” This island is still too small, Chen Xiang has nothing to gain, and now he has already found out that there are more islands in the West Sea. That is the headquarters of Shentao Sect, a huge island with tens of millions of people in the city, named Tiantao Island. It took Chen Xiang more than ten days to come to Tiantao Island. There are indeed many people on it, and many of them live here for a long time. Of course, they come from various islands in Jiuling Tianhai, as well as other places in the land of the Holy Land NetEnt has the most Premier League hunters. As soon as he entered the city above Tao Island, he heard someone talking about a strange thing, and there seemed to be a very tense atmosphere on Tao Island this day. On the bulletin board of the city gate, many people gathered here to see some released rewards and so on. “Recently, there have been many old guys in the West Sea, all of whom are at the level of saints. Those arrogant saints originally

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