Aoshidan Live Betting God Chapter 1605 Tianlong Livescore Domain

It was listed that Chen Xiang would appear here, everyone immediately understood that he was here to disrupt the situation, and he didn’t want that kind of war to break out in the evil dragon burial ground, so he settled the matter here. Now the progress is completely different from what Chen Xiang expected, but the goal has been achieved. These heavenly domains can no longer unite with the great forces of the Nine Heavens World to attack Roulette, the evil dragon burial ground. Bai Hu didn’t expect this to happen, so he sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang: “Do you want me to help?” Just as Chen Xiang was about to answer, he was blown away by a wave of air, and a burst of golden brilliance made everyone unable to open their eyes. With eyes, when I heard the roar of the dragon that shocked the world, I knew that the Dragon Emperor had become the real body, and the world was trembling. Jiang Sheng is here, and Qi Shi, the ten-day emperor, may also be there. Other emperor-level powerhouses in the heavens will definitely not enter this muddy water. The Dragon Emperor just wants to get out of here quickly. If Jiang Sheng, Qi Shi, Bai Hu If they attack him together, he might be seriously injured. After a burst of golden light flashed, the huge dragon body of the Dragon Emperor just appeared, and then suddenly disappeared. He brought the group of heavenly dragons back to the Tianlong domain through the space. “This bastard actually ran away.” Jiang Sheng held the shrunken magic hammer in one hand and the small divine tripod Spinmatic in the other, and gave a “pooh” to the remaining golden light of Mozzartbet. Several other Tianyu great emperors wanted to leave, but were stopped by Qi Shi. Although Qi Shi didn’t reveal his identity, the four Tianyu Greats already knew that he was the Ten Heavens Great. “Where is the evil emperor?” Qi Shi stared at Nairabet, who was looking at the new evil emperor in the Heavenly Evil Realm. “He is in the realm of Tianxie, but he disappeared 30,000 years ago.” The evil emperor didn’t want to forebet and provoke Qi Shi baccarat, although the resurrected Qi Shi was much weaker, but he

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