Proud NetEnt Pill God Chapter 1 Slot Games Chapter 575 One Hundred Thousand Ladders

“If she knew, would the man city despise me? It would take me dozens or hundreds of years to climb this broken ladder!” Chen Xiang felt a little uncomfortable when he thought of this, and BetWinner couldn’t help echoing Long Xue in his mind. Yi’s sneering voice. “You can’t even climb up this broken ladder, and you still want to be the man of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor?” Chen Xiang shook his head vigorously, stood up abruptly, looked at the stairs ahead under the moonlight, gritted his teeth, and let out a sigh. With a wild roar, Betway used all his strength baccarat and walked up. “My strength is not limited to this. The mysterious soul in my God-killing Heart once used my body to strike such a terrifying sword, but I couldn’t do it myself. The gap between the swords is very huge, so it can be seen that I have never exerted my strength.” Chen Xiang’s eyes were firm, and he felt that this is a good opportunity for Leap, this celestial body can obviously livescore Liverpool. Squeeze out all the strength of his body, he firmly believes that if he can complete this ladder, his strength will definitely improve by leaps and bounds, and he may be able to kill the enemy in a few steps. “I want to get stronger power!” Chen Xiang climbed these stairs at this time, not tired, but aching all over, every time he climbed a step, he felt as if his body was going to be under that pressure It was very uncomfortable, but he held back the pain and persisted. He didn’t slow down, no longer going up slowly step by step, but as fast as walking a normal ladder. He was sweating before, but now he is bleeding. Fortunately, he has the blood of the Jade Dragon and can quickly recover. His skin was cracked and squeezed. Its daybreak,

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