The World-Proud Alchemy Chapter Msports1Betking530 Absolutely Safe

List Feather elixir is not scarce in this ancient man city holy city, so Chen Xiang is not afraid that he will not be able to buy it. “Go to 22Bet and go back to the store from last time… Otherwise, if I buy some Immortal Third Grade Feather Elixir, the effect should be better.” Ji Linger said. Chen Xiang shook his head: “I’ve just mastered the second-rank celestial feather elixir, and I’m going to refine the third-rank celestial. I will definitely fail many times before I can succeed. Wait for me to refine for a while, and get familiar with other second-rank celestial pills. , you can start the Spinmatic to refine the third-grade elixir.” Ji Linger and Chen Xiang came to the elixir shop of the last Evolution game, and the old man saw them coming, and he was not as enthusiastic as last time, because he almost made it last time It was a big deal, but who knew it would be blown away in the end. “You two, are you here to buy medicinal materials or elixir?” Out of politeness, the shopkeeper smiled and asked Leap kindly. “The last time I bought a thousand jade bamboo shoots, I failed because NetEnt had too many live bettings, so I could only refine a small amount of roulette. Although it took a lot of time, it was still quite cost-effective.” Chen Xiang laughed. Hearing what he said, one knew that he still wanted to buy Jade Ling bamboo shoots. The shopkeeper sighed: “Why bother, it would be nice to buy a large number of elixir quickly, it will save you a lot of trouble, and it will allow you to break through in a short time.” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “The road of cultivation takes ten thousand years and one hundred thousand years It’s all normal, and I don’t need to save that little time.” “How much?” The shopkeeper asked, Chen Xiang has this kind of disposition, which is indeed very good, many young people nowadays, most of them can’t wait, and are eager for quick success. Of course, if he knew about Chen Xiang’s perverted alchemy speed, he wouldn’t think so about the Premier League! “I want 4,000 copies, the same price as last time, and you don’t need an extra gift this time.” Shen

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