Surebet247 Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1470 Mysterious soul betting

Chen Xiang, who was about to be hit by this site’s announcement, actually made such a weird move, even grabbed Xiao Lizhi’s very powerful Demon Suppressing God Fist. People who watched the battle outside the barrier, especially those giants, It was very unbelievable, because Chen Xiang didn’t have any other power in his body, the previous holy power had faded long ago, but he had this kind of baccarat power to catch Xiao Lizhi’s fist, it wasn’t just this that shocked the chelsa people, There is also Shen Xiang’s strange power. Everyone can see that after Chen Xiang grabbed Xiao Lizhi’s fist, he couldn’t pull it away. Chen Xiang grabbed it tightly, “You…” Xiao Lizhi kicked Shen Xiang. Xiang kicked a few times, wanting Chen Xiang to let go, but to her surprise, she only felt that she had kicked something very solid, and Chen Xiang’s body suddenly became very hard, “Hehe…” Everyone suddenly heard this There was a sound of Slot Games bones being squeezed and rubbed together, Xiao Lizhi frowned tightly, she felt like her fist was about to be crushed by Chen Xiang, she kept sending all the strength of her body to her fist, restraining that not much The compressed strength, otherwise her fist would definitely be crushed by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and suddenly fell down with his head up, still firmly grasping Xiao Lizhi’s fist, and Xiao Lizhi’s Pragmatic Playzhi was also fell down The force pulled her to the ground, lying on Chen Xiang’s body. BetWinner made her feel ashamed and angry. When she stood up, the jade fist was still pinched to death by Chen Xiang, but it didn’t continue to shrink. Chen Xiang had already fainted, “You’ve won.)” The old palace master hurried in, and Lu Qilian flashed to the side of little Betking Lizhi Spinmatic. She first checked Chen Xiang Betway’s body, Chen Xiang was not dead Mozzartbet, while

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