Proud NetEnt Alchemy Chapter 1455 Endorphina Flower Emperor’s Mysterious Background

Reminder: only the 10 most recently browsed books are placed in the browsing history, and the browsing history is empty. . “If you want to see Qianxiang, you can come to her openly and aboveboard. There is no need to be so sneaky.” This is what Huadi is quite dissatisfied with. She doesn’t want her territory to let people come in and out at will, and Still a man. “I’m really sorry. Actually, I don’t want to use this method. The main reason is that I was targeted by an old guy. That old guy is at the gate of your Baihua Palace. Even if I change my face at 1xBet, he can recognize me, so I Chen Xiang originally planned to sneak in like this, first to find Mu Qianxiang, so that Huadi would think that it was Mu Qianxiang who let him in, but he didn’t expect Huadi to be so powerful that he could find out that Liverpool found that Long Xueyi was using Looking at her with fascination, Emperor Hua immediately knew who the old guy Chen Xiang was talking about: “How did he get involved with him? He is a very cunning old fox, but if you offend him at all, he won’t stare at you like this. “Hua Di took Chen Xiang into the small woods, talking while walking.” Do you know him? “Chen Xiang was a little curious: “He said his name is Ji Yuan, I don’t know if it’s his real name? “”It’s the real name, live betting he came from the distant starry sky ancient domain, and he is very cunning, he can be regarded as a big liar, many people have been cheated by him of precious things by Betking, and now he is notorious, but what others can do I can’t see him, because he has reasons and evidence to justify himself, and he seems to have contacts with some powerful forces and has been sheltered. “Father

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