World Proud Pill God man citybaccarat Chapter 1440 Support from all directions

Contents: Silent Little Thief Website: Renwang Xianguo, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are in a hotel. Although there is a large table of sumptuous and expensive dishes on the table, the two of them did not put down their chopsticks. They have already waited here for a while. After a while, “Could that old lunatic deliberately play tricks on us, or did he remember the wrong time and haven’t come for so long?” Wu Kaiming touched his bald head and said impatiently, “Probably not , this flashscore looks like he is in a hurry,” Gu Dongchen shook his head and said, they all knew that the reason why Huang Jintian called them here was to prevent Luo Yitao from marrying Liu Menger, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming both knew that Chen Xiang and man city Liu Menger Naturally, Huang Jintian knew about Meng’er’s relationship. If Chen Xiang hadn’t been missing for so long, they would definitely not be worried, because Chen Xiang would definitely be able to handle it by himself, but now it’s all at this juncture, and Chen Xiang hasn’t found it yet. Huang Jintian was already in a hurry. Huang Jintian came, wearing a bamboo hat, and disguised himself as a hunchbacked old man. After entering, he cleaned up the dishes on chelsa’s table, burped, and then said slowly: “You two This guy has grown up very fast, he is already a fairy king, but he is too stingy, and he doesn’t want a bigger table.” “Master, now we can order another table,” Gu Dongchen With a smile, Huang Jintian didn’t look for Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun, because their relationship with Liu Zongyu and his wife was too good, and Chen Xiang didn’t want Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun to know about him and Liu Menger’s Bet9ja. At this time, someone pushed the door and left Come in, there is a woman with a graceful figure in a purple Nairabet skirt, she takes off her veil, revealing a beautiful and charming jade face

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