World Proud Pill God Chapter 141 Endorphina 0 Blatant premier league stealing

Little thief in the early morning, Chen Xiang woke up during cultivation, he is now cultivating to absorb the holy power in the seven-colored holy core, every time he practices and plays, he can feel an obvious improvement. Msports “Looking at the champions league like this, if you completely refine this seven-colored holy core, you should be able to enter the realm of immortal monarchs, and at the same time, la liga will allow you to lay a good foundation for cultivating holy power.” Chen Xiang got the seven-colored holy core back then. At that time, Long Xueyi had already expected that the seven-color holy core would be of great help to Chen Xiang, and it would allow Chen Xiang to step into the level of immortal monarch faster. The affiliate Excalibur conference started, and many people entered the venue early. In these days, there are rumors that some swords will appear. Many people who love swords Surebet247 can’t wait to watch. The venue is inside the Excalibur Palace, and a jade token is required to enter. Liu Zongyu gave Chen Xiang a piece of Bet9ja before, and Chen Xiang is now using that jade token to enter the venue. After entering, he immediately felt several powerful auras. In this bright exhibition hall, there were many transparent cabinets, inside which were placed a number of sharp long swords and luxuriously decorated scabbards. . Many of them are relatively famous swords. There are dozens of high-grade fairy swords, each of which is different. The owners who used it were some dead celebrities, and the Excalibur Palace spent a lot of fairy crystals to buy them, just for collection. This can also be said to be the hidden sword pavilion of the Excalibur Palace! Chen Xiang suddenly saw Liu Meng’er and their group, Liu Meng’er brought Xue Xianxian, followed by someone Liu Zongyu and Song Ying, watching some famous swords, Song Ying explained on the side. Not seeing Mu Qianxiang following Liu Meng’er, Chen Xiang thought that Mu Qianxiang had successfully joined the Hundred Flowers Immortal Kingdom. Those who can enter here are people with certain status, so even if they are here

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