Chapter 1395 The World Betting Outside Liverpool

Contents: Silent little thief liverpool website: “I don’t even know if the jade bone belongs to Emperor Dan.” “It must be his. Except for him, few human beings can cultivate holy bones. Breaking through the divine prohibition arranged by the Great Emperor and the others, but he still did not go out.” Duan Ming looked regretful: “If he can go out, then he may be a real emperor after the Ten Heavens Emperor.” Mu Qianxiang While listening to Chen Xiang and the others talking about those important people, they listened very seriously. “Although his bones didn’t go out, his soul may have gone out. It’s impossible for a person like him to die so easily. I buried the holy bone myself. It wasn’t damaged at all, and it was well preserved. Roulette thinks it is He voluntarily gave up the holy bone, and used his super strong soul to break free from this divine restriction.” Chen Xiang said. “Hehe, so he is the same as me? In the future, he will have to change to Sanxian. If he doesn’t, he will have to practice from the beginning. I don’t know what’s going on now.” Duan Ming said with a smile. “Senior Duan, you call the Real Madrid Ten Heavens Great Emperor the Great Emperor, are you his subordinate? I know a Tongtian family named Duan, but they have been cursed, causing their members to wither for many years.” Chen Xiang thought in his heart. As soon as he moved, he asked hurriedly. “I am not qualified to be the subordinate of the Ten Heavens Emperor. The Duan family you mentioned is my Duan family, but I am just a small servant of the Duan family. I grew up under the cultivation of Duan Betting’s family. Later, I followed them into the Ancient Realm of the Holy Beast, and met those damn bat demons, so I strayed into the forbidden area. I also met a bet game guy who wanted to steal the treasure of the Holy Land, and finally the treasure was taken by him.

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