World Proud Pill God Leap Chapter 1380 Someone Rumble Appears

What he can do now in the third volume of other types is to bypass this enchantment and continue to the destination. Although no roulette can move forward, it can move left and right, which allows him to bypass the barrier, but just as he took a few steps, there was a sudden burst of ground, and then he saw a Parimatch figure flying in the distance They came and finally stopped on a small rocky mountain. There was someone inside, which made Chen Xiang very surprised. If that person was stronger, BetWinner, he would not be so surprised, because it is very likely that he is a friend of Yue Baishan, and now the affiliate is standing on the small rocky mountain with livescore The human being is Betking, a handsome white-clothed young man, whose strength is probably in the late stage of human immortality, and he doesn’t know how to restrain himself at all. “Could it be possible to retreat after entering that enchantment?” Chen Xiang thought in his heart, because the man was able to fly towards him, obviously he was not affected by that peculiar law of space. That young man just stood on the small rocky mountain, looked at Chen Xiang with wide eyes, and didn’t speak. Since someone is inside this barrier, it must be safe inside, and they can still retreat. Chen Xiang, who originally planned to take a detour to avoid the barrier, immediately changed his mind, but just when he wanted to enter that barrier, he stood The young man in white on the top of Xiaoshi Mountain suddenly gave a soft drink, and waved a light. Looking carefully, it was a fairy sword of good quality, it should be a middle-grade fairy sword. This fairy sword was injected with a strong force, bringing With fierce murderous aura, he flew towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was furious because he didn’t do anything, and that person beat him to death. He immediately sneered and didn’t dodge. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the sword.

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