Proud BGaming Pill God Chapter 13roulette65 Departure, Hell

Title: Chen Xiang waited quietly in this Demon Suppressing Immortal Palace, waiting for the news of the departure of the Demon Suppressing Temple, but more than ten days had passed, and there was no movement at all in this Demon Suppressing Temple. “Outside the gate of the Demon Suppressing Temple, there are basically people squatting and waiting. Once there is a large-scale operation, the news can leave and spread.” Chen Xiang looked at a gate. Do it soon. Chen Xiang inquired about Parimatch news on the street, and when it was time for BGaming in the evening, Long Xueyi said with some doubts: “I sensed a very faint spatial fluctuation power of Endorphina coming from the face.” “Not good, inside of them Maybe there is a teleportation array, maybe they were sent away in batches, where will they be sent?” Chen Xiang immediately thought of this layer. “You should be able to inquire about it in the Immortal Palace near Night Demon Hell. Let’s go there first.” Su Meiyao said. Now many people are waiting here, and before Chen Xiang teleported away, he also released news that the people from the Demon Suppressing Temple had already gone to the Immortal Palace near Night Demon Hell through the teleportation array inside the huge temple. The Night Demon Hell has existed for a long time, and the Temple of Betking Demons knows this Night Demon Hell very well. It is said that when they go to practice, they often lure the Night Demons out of the Night Demon Hell to hunt, so for many years, the Betking Demon Temple has also A careful Asgard was built near this Daredevil hell. This Immortal Palace is also called Demon-suppressing Immortal Palace, but it is very small, and there is no huge Demon-suppressing temple in it, but ordinary palaces are still huge. When Chen Xiang released the news about the Evolution game before, many people could have guessed that if the Town Demon Temple set off, it would definitely come to this Roulette Immortal Palace first, although this

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