Proud Live Betting World Alchemy Chapter 1335 Dragon Family Taishang

“One point for prefecture-level low-grade pills, two points for mid-grade pills, and three points for high-grade NetEnt. When you come up to collect medicinal materials, you must think clearly. The limit for each medicinal material is a maximum of ten. After refining the premier league, you can come up again. If there are too many people, you will have to queue, so time betting is critical.” An old man said. Chen Xiang guessed that after a while there must be a lot of alchemy who would choose to refine Nairabet earth-level top-grade pills. He was worried that the medicinal materials would be robbed all of a sudden, and it would not be worthwhile for Liverpool to refine middle-grade and low-grade pills. Many people only pay attention to those famous alchemists. These alchemists are all alchemists. They arrange the medicinal materials very quickly and their methods are different. Their speed is actually the same, and they all put the medicinal materials into the alchemy furnace at the same time. in. Tens of thousands of alchemists are lined up in this huge arena, very neatly, but the alchemy furnaces are different, and some of them even emit a brilliant light. There are many alchemy furnaces that are very beautiful. The champions league is overwhelming. The competition has already started, and the real start will be as long as the furnace is refined. This furnace is equivalent to buying time for myself, so that I can go to the ten old men on the stage to get the medicinal materials as soon as possible, otherwise there will be too many people behind. If not, you have to line up and waste a lot of time at the beginning. The game time is one day and one night, and everyone is very precious time. A moment passed, and several Danxians in the casino Slot had opened their eyes, apparently they had already condensed their pills. These Danxians included the familiar Li Tianjun, Bixia Danxian, the mysterious old woman from the Long family, and people from various forces. The top Danxian. The limit speed of refining the Nine-Aperture Quenching Body Pill is the same, and these immortals can reach this limit speed

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