Aoshi Danshen Chapter Evolution game13real madridChapter21 Little Jinpeng

The king bird of the list king bird family is not weak, Chen Xiang thought about it, and said: “What kind of strength is that? Can I deal with it without poison?” Just take out the hammer of the master craftsman, if there is no strong person to help, you can kill him. Quickly, net.” Long Xueyi smiled and said: “If it doesn’t work, I will help you secretly.” Chen Xiang was also relieved of the strength in the late stage of immortality, and immediately rushed out of the ground from under a deep ditch, and took out the hammer of the master craftsman. The royal bird immediately spotted BetWinner, and immediately slapped him in his direction, shooting out a burst of golden feathers. Those leap feathers were like short golden arrows, as dense as a torrential rain, covering Chen Xiang . “It’s a little Jinpeng, he’s making a lot of money!” Long Xueyi was very excited: “Get rid of him.” Chen Xiang was not afraid of the golden feathered sword released by this little Jinpeng, Parimatch swung the master’s hammer to open a way, When approaching Little Jinpeng, he swung his hammer, traveled through the space, came to the side of Little Jinpeng, and beat down directly. Although this little Jinpeng looked young and immature, but he had very rich combat experience, he unleashed a gleaming golden spear with his backhand, and fiercely pierced Chen Xiang’s chest. The divine hammer had already fallen, and when it was about to hit, Chen Xiang had no choice but to dodge the sudden shot. Although he had the basalt diamond armor to protect him, if he was poked, he would definitely be seriously injured . “Human beings? It’s not from the Imperial Dragon Clan. It’s a waste of energy.” This little Jinpeng’s young and handsome face was full of displeasure, filled with hatred and contempt. Although Chen Xiang’s attack just now was quite strong, it seemed to him that but

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