Aoshi Danshen Chapter 13 Champions League0 Premier League Chapter 6 Impossible

Back to the page Background color: Font selection: Category: Author: Title man city: There are many people pointing and saying many words that affect the mood, but Chen Xiang is unmoved. He has entered a very stable state now. In the state, it won’t take long to refine all the main medicinal materials and get rid of them. レThinkerレ”That guy named Uncle Li has a very good flashscore, and he can even sense the changes in your alchemy furnace, but he shouldn’t be able to see what’s going on.” Su Meiyao didn’t expect it at first. Chen Xiang actually knows how to use the divine refining method, she only now knows that the divine refining method can also be used in this way, although it will consume a bit more, but there is no problem with using livescore to refine the Life-Returning Pill. ..Chen Xiang opened his eyes, looked at that Master Zhong, he was very surprised, because that Master Zhong’s speed was very fast, according to his judgment, that Master Zhong might be able to refine two life-saving pills come dan. While refining alchemy, he was still watching his opponent, making many people wonder what Chen Xiang was doing, and they didn’t panic at all. “This old man is very good at poker. I didn’t expect that the overall level of alchemy has improved so much in the years of BGaming in Tianjie.” Bai Youyou said. “It may be because there are more and more medicinal materials. In the past BetWinner, alchemists did not know how many years it took to refine a batch of relatively high-level alchemy. Now it is different, and a large amount can be planted quickly with a formation method. A elixir with a lot of uses like Ming Dan needs to be refined in a larger amount, so refining this kind of elixir should be the best for this kind of alchemist.” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, took a slight breath, and said to himself: “I’m going to start congealing pills

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