The World-Proud Alchemy God Chapter 1276Surebet247 BGaming first arrived in the heaven

The text version of the mobile version article query: hot keywords: author: category: Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou fell asleep because of the matter of the gods and souls. After they soaked in the water of the gods and demons pool, they gave birth to the gods and souls, but they didn’t know what happened What problem caused them to sleep for a long time, and then when Chen Xiang crossed the tribulation, it might be because of the power of the tribulation that it woke them up. レThinkerレ”The fifteen or sixteen-year-old girls look very young. I have already entered their sea of ​​consciousness and watched them live betting, but they are still naked.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou looked about fifteen or sixteen years old, and they were still naked, making an extremely evil and blood-spitting champions league image suddenly appear in Chen Xiang’s mind. “I want to take a look, can you let me take a look.” The words in Chen Xiang’s heart couldn’t help but blurt out. “Hmph, don’t think about it.” Bai Youyou immediately snorted coldly, she was very clear about the thoughts of this little villain, Chen Xiang. “Bad boy, are you so interested in me when I was fifteen or sixteen years old?” Su Meiyao chuckled, that charming voice made a flame ignite in Chen Xiang’s belly. “When Leap is not, I’m just curious. When I was a teenager, you can all look at me…” “Didn’t you also look at us, the man city is already even.” Bai Youyou didn’t want to let Chen Xiang The entanglement continued, and he gave a deadly order: “Don’t mention this kind of Spinmatic thing again.” Chen Xiang didn’t give up, and quickly said: “The little fart dragon Sportybet told me that their imperial dragon clan has a soul-spirit dual cultivation technique called Shen Combination technique, the dual cultivation of soul and soul, can quickly make 1xBet’s soul grow stronger, your current soul is so weak, if you are with me…” “Don’t think

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