Night Ranger Leap Chapter 26 Desperate Premier League Strike

Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records on the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register A nightmare since returning to River Beach! He never thought that such an enemy as 1xBet would appear suddenly. He originally thought that the other party was the enemy of Dia Liverpool Fez, and that killing his son was just a matter of convenience. After all, these kinds of killers are quite brutal. He has already invited people from the Shadow Spider Society to deal with this guy, but… “That damned killer! I paid so much money, and still told me that there are other things to solve, and I will find Shuangdao later Trouble with the mask!” Miller’s current emotion is not only anger, but also astonishment. How did he break in! What about those dark whistle around him? What about those mercenaries? “Don’t think about it, they are all dead.” Marvin said lightly. Miller was startled, and immediately hid behind the two barbarian warriors! He gritted his teeth and said, “Who the hell hired you!?” “Don’t you know, I’m rich? If you hadn’t killed my two sons…we could work together!” turned red! The two sons died just like that! Don’t be too vicious in this killer’s killing methods! Surebet247 has no room for maneuver! “Kill him! Kill him! I’m going to chop him into meat paste! Roulette!” Miller roared frantically. The two savages quickly unfastened the big axes behind them and held them in their right hands, while their left hands pressed on their waists. There, hang two handles respectively

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