Aoshidan BetWinner God Chapter 1NetEnt121 Zixuan Sacred Mountain

List Yang Jiutao was suspended in the air, and was punched back by Chen Xiang for tens of feet. He was horrified, because he hadn’t felt Chen Xiang release any true energy just now, and he didn’t know what kind of power the other party was using. Strength, unexpectedly so powerful. ╠Fast ★ www.ě “My sports betting knife is a middle-grade fairy weapon after all, and it can’t leave any scars on a fist!” Yang Jiutao already felt that it was difficult, because the opponent was not just a mere fist. Those who know how to use the sound to kill magic skills, Slot Games also has a deep and unfathomable power. “Come and help me!” Yang Jiutao hastily sent a voice transmission to the elders of chelsa, it was impossible for him to escape, so he had to call other elders to help. There are a lot of old guys in this alliance, and most of them are very strong. Fortunately, the strong players in Chenwu Continent are not bad in overall quality, and they can guarantee undefeated even when they are besieged. Several waves of hot energy gushed out from all directions, and hit Chen Xiang’s body in an instant, violent flame explosions erupted, and the roar was billowing like ten thousand thunders. Yang Jiutao and those elders, at this time, They all used the Fire Flame Thunder Fist from the Holy Flame Sect to bombard Chen Xiang from a distance, they didn’t believe that this kind of berserk attack was useless. “A group of idiots!” Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind an elder of the Holy Flame Sect in flashscore. When he finished speaking, his hand knife had already slashed at the old man’s neck. The hand knife was covered with a strong champion League’s vigor made his hand really look like an indestructible sharp knife, making him cut the old man’s neck obliquely like cutting tofu. He was obviously killed by a very strong fire and thunder fist, but he was silent

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