Ao Shi Dan Bet9ja God Chapter 11Endorphina86 Holy Flame Gate

Chen Xiang found this group of people in the distance, but this group of people didn’t see him. Seeing that there was something wrong with the expressions of this group of people, he immediately hid himself. “This Bi Xian seems to have been threatened by someone. Judging by his expression, he seems to be at odds with this group of people.” Long Xueyi said. “That’s right.” Chen Xiang immediately hid it precisely because he discovered this. In the ice and snow, Bi Xian was walking in front, while the people behind him had chelsa faces, looking very unkind, Bi Xian’s face was tense, and he was yelled at by the people behind him from time to time, it could be seen that he was an online casino Sometimes it is involuntary. Sure enough, one of the Slot Games people shouted, “I’ll give you another ten days. If you can’t lead us to a piece of high-quality black ice, we’ll chop off your son’s head.” “This guy It must be selling that kind of high-quality black ice everywhere, which caused him trouble, this guy is really crazy about spar.” Chen Xiang secretly thought, he is now thinking about how to help this Bi Xian, he can be sure now This Betting Bixian can find those high-quality black ice. The premier league man who threatened Bi Xian Endorphina just now suddenly took out a square tripod, and after shaking the tripod, he heard a shout coming from inside. “Don’t worry, I will take you to find Xuan Bing within ten days, don’t torture my son anymore.” Bi Xian said immediately, with anger on his face, looking at the Fang Ding very sadly. Bi Xian’s son was trapped in that Fang Ding. Seeing this, Chen Xiang flew over in a hurry, and then used Shapeshifting BGaming to bring Fang Ding over. The man holding the Fang Ding was originally very proud, but now his face was ugly, the Fang Ding that was originally in his hand turned out to be

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