World Proud Pill God Chapter 1171 rumble road after livescore

(Silent Little Thief) Parimatch Chen Xiang has been trapped for almost four years, but no one has come to rescue him. This is very unexpected by the Fire Temple. Originally they thought that something happened to Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang’s friends would bet the game to rush to him immediately. over here. This is also where the Vulcan Temple miscalculated, because they don’t know Chen Xiang, as long as people who have a good relationship with Chen Xiang know that if Chen Xiang can’t get out of trouble by himself, they will only drag Chen Xiang down even more if they go to rescue him, and they will only be reduced. sports betting as a hostage. The Fire God Temple began to publicize a few months ago that Chen Xiang would be sealed forever, and it was also said that Chen Xiang was sealed inside and could not absorb any spiritual energy. When it was exhausted to the point of retreating in strength, it was time to publicly deal with Shen Xiang. Of course, these words are all spoken to scare those people who have a good relationship with Chen Xiang, chelsa is to let people like Paripesa come to save Chen Xiang! But what the Fire God Palace didn’t know was that Chen Xiang’s betting friends knew very well that this elixir master would never die, maybe even if the Fire God Palace collapsed, Chen Xiang’s resources would not be exhausted. Chen Xiang was sealed by the Fire God Palace for almost four years, and the mysterious and powerful Great Elder did not show up to save Chen Xiang, so at this time many forces thought that Chen Xiang might be sealed for a long time, so they took advantage of this At this time, start planning to attack Chenwu Continent! The Chenwu Grand Land is no longer a continent, because all the sea areas have disappeared, but in the Xinditian, everyone calls it that, and this land is also regarded as the future sacred land in the BetWinner Ditian. There are rumors that the Chenwu real madrid continent is very likely to have a second dragon vein in the future! Chen Xiang has known for a long time that Chenwu Continent is very difficult.

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