Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1xBet1126 New Evolution game era

“Well, I’ll help you arrange the flashscore.” Long Huishan pulled out her hand, but she was gently rubbed by Chen Xiang just now, and she said coquettishly: “Little villain, dare to take advantage of me!” “The patriarch , Someone is looking for you, you are very strong.” A voice suddenly came from the jade talisman Long Huishan put on the table. Long Huishan rolled her eyes at the smirking Chen Xiang, and asked, “Who is it?” “She said her name is Lu Qin Parimatch Lian, she came from the heavens, and she wanted to discuss some business with you, Spinmatic!” Chen Xiang suddenly Opening her mouth wide, the demon queen Mozzatbet Lu Qinlian Nairabet actually came here, but this is a good thing. Based on his relationship with Lu Qinlian, Lu Qinlian and Long Huishan will definitely become friends. “Ask her, is there anyone else?” Chen Xiang sent a voice transmission to Long Huishan. “Is there anyone else?” Long Huishan asked while holding the jade talisman. “There are affiliates, two old men and two beautiful women!” Chen Xiang felt that he knew the two old men and the two women: “Someone bring them here, I know Lu Qinlian , her strength is very strong, she is also a master of poison, and she is also a demon king!” “Demon king, she still uses poison.” Long Huishan looked at Chen Xiang strangely, the demon king who uses poison is very strong , even she is very afraid, but Shen Xiang actually knows this kind of person. Long Huishan immediately ordered Livescore to bring Lu Qinlian and others here. They came here soon, and Chen Xiang also knew who those two old men were, it was Du Hai, the alchemy immortal, and his elder, Li Baojun. And the two women are the charming and gorgeous Paripesa Hua Xiangyue and the elegant and refined Wu Qianqian. They are both alchemists, so it is not surprising to come here. Of course, none of them recognized

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