Proud Real Madrid Shidan God Chapter 11Betking Chapter 11 Changes in the Dragon Family

Chen Xiang, the lonely roulette thief, hid aside and watched the battle between Long Huishan and the old man Wang. What he didn’t expect was that Long Huishan’s strength was so strong that he felt faintly affiliated with that Ziyue headmaster. Level, so that the old man Wang could not succeed for a long time. The power used by Long Huishan turned out to be dragon power, and it was ice-cold dragon power. When the long sword was swung out, there would always be gusts of cold wind. Wang Lao Parimatch was able to block Long Huishan’s sword with a pair of flaming fists. “This old bastard is an alchemist, it’s best not to tell me that you have a fire soul…” Chen Xiang murmured in his heart, damn it, you really do! “” White betting fire soul! “Chen Xiang was stunned for a moment, this kind of fire soul is a different fire soul, it should surpass the purple fire soul.” Sister Meiyao, this white fire soul is clearly for you! “Chen Xiang took out the Death-Death Demon Crossbow, and waited for the opportunity to strike. He felt that he and Long Huishan were on the same front now, and she would definitely give it to the old man Wang’s body when he wanted it. It was the same as what Chen Xiang had guessed before. An accident happened to the Long family, and Long Huishan’s patriarch father died. According to the rules, the position should be passed on to the patriarch’s children, but except for Long Huishan, all the other members of the patriarch were killed, and only Long Huishan was still alive. Alive. In order to get the position of patriarch, the uncle did not hesitate to kill Long Huishan, but Long Huishan was protected by a strong man in the clan, and that strong man was obviously the one Chen Xiang sensed BGaming before. Died.” This chick is really hiding her secrets. She is telling old man Wang that she is trying to kill her uncle. Don’t need Endorphina to guess who is her uncle’s live betting gang!

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