Premier League Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1096 Planted to marry Slot Games disaster

Mobile version text version article query: Popular keywords: Author: Category: “Prince Shenglong, you despicable and shameless guy, don’t blame me for being cruel!” Headmaster Tai Yuan was furious, looking at that The seven injured giants on the ground hit them with one palm, blasting them into a piece of meat, and then ran towards the door, chasing after Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang ran wildly in the passage, this is still the Chaos Mountain, apart from feeling the door, the mountain here is difficult to penetrate people, if he didn’t play this hand, he would not be able to get the three boxes at all, originally he planned to take them all Yes, but the headmaster Parimatch Taiyuan was very dark, and he kept a hand to guard against him, but he still walked away three. What made him feel funny was that the headmaster Taiyuan hadn’t seen his identity yet, but Chen Xiang felt that it would be good for him to continue to doubt. Headmaster Taiyuan was very angry, he must kill this cunning Prince Shenglong, because Prince Shenglong had already fallen out with him, and he also killed him just now, so after Prince Shenglong went out, he would definitely If you tell about Surebet247, when those traitor forces come to you, he will die faster! Killing Prince Shenglong was really risky. It was only when the Dragon Emperor found out that BGaming, he felt that the Dragon Emperor should not know that he did it. “Can you open those boxes?” Chen Xiang gave the boxes to Su Meiyao and the others. “Impossible!” Long Xueyi said: “It seems that something is needed to open it, but there should be no self-destruct formation inside, you can split it with the Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife!” “Okay, let’s talk about it when I am safe!” Chen Xiang’s speed is not slow either, using the shrinking ground to cooperate with the shuttle space, in this passage and the Taiyuan Palm behind the forebet

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