Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1066 Remnant map poker for 1xBet

The little bit of chaotic power that Chen Xiang used was the one he sucked out from Fan Yakun’s body. Although it was only a little bit, after being mixed into the dragon force by him, the Champions League would have an unexpected effect, directly calming down this Hou Feishao Spinmatic. Those strong men who protected Hou Feishao rushed forward, but Hou Feishao hurriedly stopped him: “Let’s go!” Those who can use the power of chaos must never be provoked. Although Hou Feishao is arrogant, But his grandfather often told him so, especially when meeting some anonymous people! How could Hou Feishao forget Chen Xiang’s temporary alchemy ability? Chaos Mountain is very big. Although it is very chaotic now, and their Taiyuan Mountain family is the only one, there are still many unknown powerhouses in Chaos Mountain, especially some alchemy predators, alchemy elixir and other affiliatelive betting. In Chaos Mountain, there are only a few well-known people who can use the power of Chaos, so Hou Feishao has suffered a big loss at this time, and he can no longer continue to download LiveScore. , the entire Tai Paripesa Wonyama might be wiped out. Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao left under the escort of those old men. Before leaving, the way Zhang Yan Endorphina Qing looked at Chen Xiang made everyone tremble, but Chen Xiang just laughed it off. The crisis in Xiyi Pavilion was finally resolved. Chen Xiang gave Fan Yakun a thousand Qishen Pills, and Fan Yakun didn’t want Chen Xiang for nothing. He gave Chen Xiang a lot of medicinal materials and high-level pills, such as the top-grade life-returning pills at the earth level There are quite a few of them and Five Elements Xuanyuan Pill. Chen Xiang now rested in Xiyi Pavilion for a day, and left Xiyi Pavilion. After leaving the city, he ran towards Zilan Valley for sports betting. Before he left, he also told Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi to take time

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