Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1

Everyone in List Novel Guide enjoyed watching it just now, but Prince Shenglong and the Dali clan stopped. The two of them, chelsa, looked at each other with very calm eyes, and it seemed that there was no hatred at all. Novel guide “There are very few Dali clans in the heavens. I never expected to meet such an excellent Dali clan here. I will fight again next time. You and I both know that now we can’t let go and fight as much as we want. “Prince Shenglong said lightly. “That’s right!” The big guy nodded at BGaming. “Why don’t we go to Bet9ja city and have a few drinks?” Prince Shenglong smiled faintly. Seeing his appearance, he actually planned to make friends with this young and strong man of the Dali clan. To Chen Xiang’s surprise, this big man from the Dali clan actually left with Prince Shenglong just like that. “Haha, Betting’s grandson doesn’t know the Heavenly Dragon Seal well, otherwise he wouldn’t have used Sempron’s penalty just now, maybe his NetEnt only masters the slot Gamesliverpool!” Long Xueyi smiled very proudly in the Youyao Ring . “What’s so funny?” Chen Xiang pouted and said, he knew that the Holy Dragon Prince would come to him sooner or later, because he knew the Chaos Dragon Curse and the Heavenly Dragon Seal, and he also possessed the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Knife, and the White Tiger killed him again. One of his entourages, the Holy Dragon Prince, seems very calm now, but the more he is like this, the more it shows that the Holy Dragon Prince is very scary. “It’s funny. As the son of the Dragon Emperor, he doesn’t even have the memory of the Heavenly Dragon Seal. This is what his father taught him, but I have it since I was born. It seems that his holy dragon blood is not pure enough, or he has some Question.” Long Xueyi laughed loudly. Baihu shook his head: “What the hell is going on with this little brat from the Dali clan?

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