Rumble Alchemy God Chapter 1022 The use of the four-element magic weapon for real madrid

The text version of the mobile phone version: popular keywords: author: category: Baihu said it very easily, but Chen Xiang’s heart was full of turmoil. Baihu’s heart had been caught and broken. tsxsw “I found that there is a very strong soul in the Heart of the Killing God, will it affect me?” Chen Xiang directly asked the most worried thing in his heart. “Oh? You actually discovered it? You have only merged for a few days! It took me a long time to realize it, and Qi Shi was the same.” Bai Hu was shocked by this. According to his experience, it was impossible for Chen Xiang found out so early. Chen Xiang was even more surprised than Baihu, the mysterious soul in Spinmatic God’s Heart actually existed for such a long live betting time. “How did the killing god’s heart form?” Chen Xiang continued to ask: “Why do you have two white tiger soldiers?” The white tiger touched Leap’s chin and said: “Let’s put it this way, there was a guy who knew about my killing god at the beginning.” There is a very powerful soul in the heart of God, that guy baccarat saw the origin of that soul, so he proposed to ask Betway to make the heart of killing god and that soul into a magic weapon.” “You don’t need to know who that guy is I know!” Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to ask, Bai Hu immediately stopped him with poker, and then continued: “But at that time, I swallowed most of the mysterious soul in the Heart of the Killing God and merged into my body, so that guy later Transform my body into the hands of God of Death Online Casino, and then add BGaming to the heart to refine it into the heart of God of Death! At that time, I gave the heart of God of Death to my great apprentice Qi Shi, I hid my hand. After I was reincarnated, I took out the hand of the killing god and waited for others to take it. Sportybet” “Why do you want to kill the god?”

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