Ao Shidan Parimatch God Chapter 1007 Become Dan Spinmatic

w[First Chinese] Duan Chong did not answer Yun Xiaodao’s question, because there is no need to answer at this time, the colorful robbery clouds condense together, and finally form a giant bull with five fires and thunders all over its body. Like a cow, the most frightening thing is the terrifying colorful fire thunder on this cow, and the two horns that seem to be able to pierce the sky. “Does this thing have blood or something?” Chen Xiang asked He said, “No, it’s formed by the power of the catastrophe, but it’s very strong and has a certain amount of wisdom. It usually appears in the very strong catastrophe, but I can deal with it.” Duan Chong waved his hand, and a cloud of black mist It overflowed and condensed a black scimitar. Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao were recuperating their bodies at this time. The colorful robbery cloud had already turned into a robbery beast. If they killed the robbery beast, they would have survived this catastrophe. The Nairabet bull ran towards Duan Chong angrily and hit it with its head. BetWinner also sprayed out streaks of flames and lightning, which was very terrifying. This bull can shatter the space just by running in the void. The flashscore cracked the ground, stirring up waves of air. Slot Games, Duan Chong held a black scimitar, and his body was vigorous. He cleverly avoided the collision of the mad bull, skimmed over the bull’s back, and shot at the bull. A slash was made on the back of the bull, cutting a deep parimatch mark, causing a burst of multicolored fire and thunder power to spew out from the bull’s back. Chen Xiang had an idea, and immediately cast Dragon Swallowing Sea to swallow the multicolored fire and thunder power Come here, not only Betway, he also runs the swallowing ground technique, and starts to devour the surrounding earth, refining it into Betway energy to speed up the recovery of his own consumption, and at the same time consume the power of Heavenly Thunder and Purgatory, Jie Beast immediately sensed Chen Xiang is devouring its Five Elements Heaven

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