God of Aoshi Pill Chapter affiliate944 Changing the casino slot and changing the pattern

The works of the silent thief: Thank you for your attention. In order to facilitate your next reading, please add this page as an affiliate of the book. No one knows what stage Chen Xiang’s alchemy level has risen to, because the person Chen Xiang is now being hunted down by all over the world will never show up to participate Those alchemy competitions, they will not go to the Alchemy League for the alchemist level assessment, otherwise, once he appears, he will definitely attract many old guys. As for Chen Xiang’s alchemy level, everyone only stays in the period of time when he pretended to be Li Renshan’s Evolution game , can refine several kinds of prefecture-level middle-grade alchemy, according to the level of alchemist in the Danmeng, he can be regarded as a great alchemist. It’s an exaggeration, Chen Xiang now wants to refine the earth-level high-grade alchemy, and he has to upgrade the man city method to the third stage of the la liga way, and by learning the sky refining technique, he can strengthen his soul more quickly. His alchemy was of great help, “You guys have to watch Online Casino, don’t blink,” Chen Xiang waved his betting hand, and saw ten parts of the foundation building pill’s medicinal materials fly out, and under the control of his divine power, all of them were suspended In the air, ten Illusory Treasure Furnaces were formed, but no one else could see them. Ten parts of the processed medicinal materials entered into the Illusory Treasure Furnace. I saw Chen Xiang waving his hands, and countless fireballs floated into the Illusory Treasure Furnace. Seeing this scene , Li Baojun opened his mouth, he knew what Chen Xiang was doing Paripesa, he wanted to refine ten furnaces of foundation building pills at the same time, and he didn’t need pill furnaces, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran also took a deep breath, Chen Xiang didn’t need it. The unique skill of alchemy in the alchemy furnace appeared again. Every time I saw it, I was always so shocked. Duan Sanchang was so frightened that he didn’t dare to breathe.

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