World Proud Pill God Chapter 929 Heart of the Dragon Vein

List this dragon made of spar, coiled around a huge pillar, so the passage inside the dragon body is a spiral spiral downward. look.. ! Chinese! Wenwang Shen Xiang guessed that the place he was going to should be in the position of Longxin. Although the dragon’s mouth was huge, after Chen Xiang passed through a light curtain at the dragon’s mouth, the passage he saw was very small. It is equivalent to a small cave on a huge mountain. This passage is too small for a dragon’s head, but it is very big for a human. Chen Xiang thinks it can pass an elephant. “Is this kind of place really formed naturally? I always think it’s man-made.” Chen Xiang walked on the passage surrounded by spar Parimatch, unbelievable. Although it is surrounded by spar online casinos, he can’t absorb the power of the real madrid inside. “It must be formed naturally. Who can create such a place? Even the ten-day-old Spinmatic Emperor can’t do it! Maybe these crystals will evolve in the future, turning into fairy crystals or fairy jade, and they will be even more powerful at that time.” Long Xueyi praised: “It’s no wonder that the lion of the Ten Heavens Emperor has such a great ability. It turns out that his luck has always been good! Since a lion can become the Emperor, so can I.” “I always feel that the death of the Ten Heavens Emperor He was persecuted by a more powerful force, maybe the white tiger reincarnated and died during that mysterious period! That force is really powerful, it can even erase a large part of the history of nine heavens and ten places. What is la liga hiding?” Chen Xiang was thinking. “It’s easy, as long as you become the new Ten Heavenly Emperor, maybe those guys will come looking for you, and then you will know why this is rumble! But you don’t have to worry about ending up like that lion, because

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