World Proud Pill God Chapter 89 Liverpool 9 la liga blood oath

sodu,,return to homepage txtZhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan were very unwilling to reconcile, they went to war, and suffered countless casualties for many days, but in the end the two things they wanted to snatch were impossible to get, even if they caught Chen Xiang, they would get nothing arrive. The Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife is called a magic weapon, it is not something made by the Ten Heavens Emperor. It is a spiritual weapon of Msports, and it is very powerful. It is not easy to control it, and you may even be killed by backlash. “Hmph, don’t blame me, casino Slot is your own fault from the beginning to the end, you are greedy, shameless, despicable, like robbers, but you know now, what you want to grab will never be with you Yes.” Chen Xiang laughed loudly. Chen Xiang knew about this from the very beginning, but he didn’t say it out, letting those ancient forces continue to target him, so that it would be justifiable for him to fight back, and Leap also made the reputation of those ancient forces rotten. The betting forces have been linked by many people to Demon Realm and Monster Realm. In short, in the hearts of many Betway people, the reputation of these ancient forces is not very good. In the end, fetching water from the bamboo basket was in vain, and it also caused a lot of trouble, so Chen Xiang really smiled happily now. “After going out, everything will be over!” Feng Zixuan’s face was full of hatred, wishing to hack Chen Xiang to death. Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Will it really end? Di Tian will be reborn, will the Ten Heaven Emperor be reborn? You remnants of traitors, can you escape?” Feng Zixuan’s heart trembled, and he said coldly: “As long as If you kill you, the inheritance of the Ten Heavenly Emperor will be interrupted, and there will be no more in the future.

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