Aoshi Danshen chapter roulette884 The Secret of the 22Bet Magic Knife

·Devil rot and death energy are ancient and strange poisons, how could ancient forces like them not know? They know that Bet9ja’s Spinmatic is dead! They also understood why so many strong people died inexplicably when they attacked Chen Xiang. It turns out that Chen Xiang can control the dead energy of demon rot! Thinking of this, the faces of these strong men are full of fear. If they want to resist this kind of evil spirit and escape at the same time, they must at least have the strength of a fairy. Otherwise, once poisoned, he will be slaughtered. Under such circumstances, there is only one end for using zhenqi indiscriminately, death! Chen Xiang’s face was as gloomy as water, and he walked over slowly: “If I don’t use this thing to protect myself, there is only one end for me, that is death!” You have no grievances and no enmity, and you saved your Qin family, but you want to capture me and take away my fairy sword chelsa! If it were you, you would definitely resist desperately, right!” ” We just wanted to invite you to Qin’s house as a guest, but you…” Chen Xiang was furious, he dodged over, and slapped Qin Meng fiercely, knocking out several teeth: “You were talking outside just now, I heard it clearly, don’t try to play tricks in front of me!” “That little girl is right, you betting are a bunch of ungrateful guys, the same as the five sons of the Wolf King! You don’t pay me You still want to catch me?” As Chen Xiang said, he slapped a rumble old man fiercely. These people are now like puppets, and they can only watch Chen Xiang’s slap come. Can’t fight back. “Chen Xiang, you must die badly, with such despicable means…” “Crack” Chen Xiang used

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