World Proud Pill God Chapter 839 rumble Li Ren baccarat goodness

“Sure enough, I can trust you. Here are five billion crystals!” Tan Shenglang laughed, and threw a storage bag with his hand. Everyone’s consciousness swept it away, and there were indeed five billion crystals in it, like a small mountain. Heaps of space inside. Five billion is just a small gamble? What if it’s a big bet? As expected of a king of alchemy, he can scare a lot of gamblers to death with any shot. From Chen Xiang’s point of view, this alchemy king is still too stingy, only five billion? He thinks it will cost 50 billion! Pill King Tan Sheng has already made a bet, and it’s still so big, everyone has already decided that Chen Xiang must lose, even if they want to sell the iron, they have to place a forebet. At this time, there are many good magic weapons on the ground, and the total accumulated It has reached 50 billion! Duan Sanchang’s heart was beating wildly all the time, if Chen Xiang won, many people would be killed, even the Alchemy King would be beaten by him. Tan Sheng naturally didn’t think Endorphina was optimistic about Chen Xiang. At this time, he saw Chen Xiang’s solemn face, and the rumble and pills were shaking non-stop, showing signs of frying furnaces, and the success rate was extremely low, not to mention that the medicinal materials themselves were very rotten. He wasn’t sure how to practice well, let alone a poker brat. Chen Xiang smiled sinisterly in his heart, he felt that the acting was not much worse now, only to see that the alchemy furnace shaking the Pragmatic play suddenly stabilized, like a huge mountain firmly fixed there. Those people who were very happy in their hearts were imagining that they would do something after they won a fortune, but at this moment their expressions became very ugly, as long as they were not stupid, they could guess that Chen Xiang did it on purpose! Ji Meixian has been watching it all the time, she has long cooperated with Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang, she cursed secretly in her heart. One is the BetWinner grave robber who was struck by lightning, and the other is the one who made her Slot Games hate

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