Alchemy God of Almighty Liverpool Chapter 824 The Tomb of the Great Emperor’s La Liga

The members of the Duan family all looked at Chen Xiang with weird eyes. They only now remembered that it was a miracle that Parimatch Chen Xiang could break into that place by himself. Dare to run around in it! “It is said that it is the tomb of the Ten Heavens Emperor. He was the emperor of the Betking between heaven and earth at that time, and unified multiple races. However, he is not a human being, but a very ordinary lion. He can be said to be a late bloomer. He broke through several times when his lifespan was about to expire, and then killed all directions, and wiped out all obstacles that hindered the unification of the heaven and earth, and became the emperor of the ten heavens.” Duan Kong 22Bet said. Long Xueyi’s Huanglong Clan appeared many years after the fall of the Ten Heavens Emperor, so it’s normal for them not to understand this period of history, but those from the Tongtian Family and the Holy Realm know that in this land, those There are relevant records in ancient families. To unify all races in the world and become the Great Emperor of the Ten Heavens, it is admirable to hear it. What kind of strength is needed to do this? “But then he couldn’t beat the time. Slot Games was finally buried in the Ten Heavens Holy Mountain. It was Endorphina, a cemetery built for him by the saints above Ten Heavens at that time. There must be dangers, but if you go right You can enter the tomb of the ten-day emperor.” Duan Kong’s eyes flickered, and he was not sure whether they could get there smoothly. “The alien beast inside has survived for such a long time. It should have been asleep for many years. Spinmatic has now awakened. After the death of the Ten Heavens Emperor, many major events must have happened, causing the Ten Heavens to collapse, turning into countless mortal worlds, and forming human monsters. The Three Realms, a war between the Three Realms once every 100,000 years, kills each other and destroys all living beings.

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