Aoshidan Betting God Chapter 822Bet09 Emperor Showdown

Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang saw that there were actually two handsome young men fighting in front of them. Even though the livescore was a fierce battle, they were still very personable and their movements were very chic, but their moves were very deadly, even if they were some old guys , are afraid to welcome. “It’s Baihai Saint Realm and the sons of the Qin family who are competing!” Duan Sanchang’s face was solemn, he was shocked that the sons of these two families were so powerful. Chen Xiang was also very shocked. He knew that the emperors selected by these ancient forces were very young, but their strength was so terrifying. It seemed that they had passed through the Nirvana state of four or five calamities, and they were also very strong among the same level. Even the elders with the same level of cultivation as them might be easily killed by their Endorphina. “Is this the Son of Heaven’s strength?” Chen Xiang had a serious face, his eyes were full of surprise. Baihai Tianzi’s hands seemed to be wrapped by two silvery-white full moons, exuding a silvery-white light, his breath was churning, and his true energy was as vast as the sea. The son of the Qin family, on the other hand, had fists like the sun, with flames gushing out, and the rays of light radiating in all directions. He and the son of Baihai were fighting each other. Although every move was very domineering and deadly, it was obvious that there was room for it. It turns out that they are just competing in rumble. “Running across the ocean!” Baihai Tianzi yelled, and suddenly a sea full of rays of light appeared behind him. The roulette was choppy and undulating, with gusts of wind and waves. In the white sea, there were several dragons dancing wildly in Betking. There were white lightning bolts and thunder, and the Msports scene was very shocking. This is all performed by the Baihai emperor with his vast true energy and powerful martial arts. As if it were real, he stretched his arms, and the Baihai galloping dragon figure charged at the Qin family emperor all over the place.

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