Alchemy God Chapter 7 roulette 9man city 4 Survival after catastrophe

The golden scorching sun in the sky became smaller after brewing this wave. When Chen Xiang discovered this, he complained in his heart, because the golden scorching sun is still very huge. According to the current situation, it would take all the energy to run out. If so, the roulette does not know how many fireball attacks it will have to live betting. └Flying Speed∟wwwfesuzwc Shen Premier League Xiang was safe and sound under Jiang Tianlu’s protection, which almost made Jiang Tianlu’s lungs explode, because he didn’t expect that he was actually helping the number one enemy of the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect. Even if they can survive, the strength of the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect will definitely be greatly reduced, and all this is because of Chen Xiang. “What do you think I’m doing? Concentrate, the next wave is about to start!” Chen Xiang saw Jiang Tianlu glaring, he said hastily. “I can’t wait to kill you now, without your teaching, I have more experience in crossing robbery than you.” Jiang Tianlu shouted with anger in his eyes. “Then I’ll thank you, I think I should be able to live to the end.” Chen Xiang laughed, at this moment he could still laugh, which made Jiang Tianlu even more angry. A cataclysm surged in, and huge golden fireballs seemed to be endless, falling down continuously, as if they were going to smash through the ground. A day later, I went to real madrid, and it was not over yet, but the golden scorching sun was much smaller, but the power of heaven contained in it was still terrifying. What Chen Xiang admires the most is these strong men who have survived the eight catastrophes of Nirvana. If they deal with them openly, Chen Xiang will be just an ant. They can slap Chen Xiang to death with a casual palm. Ancient Desolation Demon Sect now has only twenty-five strong players in the casino SlotSlot Games, and the others have all died. Now Chen Xiang understands why so many strong players in the Nirvana realm dare not face Nirvana.

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